Dr. Syed Hashmi

For State Representative

I became a surgeon to heal people. I became a Selectman to heal my town. I am running to be your Representative because we need to heal our state.

Who Am I?

As a trauma surgeon, I have a tested and proven ability to deliver hands on leadership during a crisis. As a Westborough Selectman, I have demonstrated that I have the vision, passion, and willingness to take personal and political risk to fight for issues that matter. I am ready to make tough decisions under pressure, and lead by energizing, empowering, and motivating people. I hope I can earn your vote.

What do I want to do?

  • Drive economic recovery post COVID-19
  • Support our families
  • Support our seniors
  • Strengthen our schools
  • Lower drug and healthcare costs
  • Improve your commute

Why vote for me?

Metro West deserves a State Representative who will provide transformative leadership that reflects the dynamism and the pressing needs of our district. Our district demands a representative who is a catalyst for change. I will provide bold leadership and DO important things rather than just TALK about them.

The Time is Now. Will You Join Me in Taking Back the People's House on November 3rd?

I welcome your questions and support, so please contact me at drsyedformass@gmail.com.


2020 is a critical election year - and it is not one you should sit out, on a local, state, or national level. This election is about our soul, and what we want our future to be. Make sure who you vote for is worthy of your vote. We can only get change, when we are the change.